Sunday, March 22, 2009

Homophobe's Threatening E-mail

All movements in American history have been greeted with ignorance and unacceptance by some who do not agree with the premise of the movement. The gay rights movement has not been immune from this fear and bigotry, and has hit close to home with the threatening e-mail sent to the editor of Diversity Rules Magazine.

Diversity Rules has been in existence for three years, coming up on its third anniversary with the May/June 2009 Issue. In that time, the magazine has grown and has been a useful tool for the LGBTQ community throughout New York State and into parts of Pennsylvania. The focus of the publication is education and enlightening society on who the members of the LGBTQ community really are. Unfortunately, there are those who are not open minded enough to accept those who are different and are compelled to resort to anonymous, threatening tactics, focused on fear and intimidation.

Diversity Rules Magazine will not be swayed by such fear, ignorance and intimidation. No threat of violence or any threat for that matter will deter the continued publication and distribution of the magazine. It will continue to raise awareness of the bigotry that we all know exists.

I would encourage the community to support the magazine through advertisements, subscriptions or just a contribution toward printing costs in order to solidify its position as a solid beacon of hope and example of tolerance in our community and throughout New York State.
There is unity and power in numbers and together we WILL DO WHAT WE NEED TO DO to combat this kind of bigotry and homophobia. March on toward equality! DON'T LOOK BACK!